Let's Be Frank.

"What stores carry The Brooklyn Hot Dog Co.?"

Answer: Check out our Store Locator to find the closest location to your zipcode. Be sure to call ahead as some stores do not carry all flavors, or may have a limited supply. 

"Where can I find a bun long enough for these?"

Answer: You don't! We purposely produce our hot dogs longer than most, so they can hang off the bun. We wan't your first and last bite to be meat. 

"How long are these dogs?"

Answer: Generally around the range of 7 inches. Since we use old-school production methods, it varies slightly.

"Are your hot dogs kosher / halal?"

Answer: No. However, we do have an all beef dog.

"What are these weird markings on my hot dogs?"

Answer:  The old-school production methods used for our delicious all-natural hot dogs sometimes result in markings on the surface. Have no fear, they’re simply from our natural casing and smoking process. Our hot dogs’ true beauty is below the surface. You’ll be able to taste it.

"How many hot dogs come in a pack?"

Answer:  6 hot dogs per pack.

"Where does the snap come from when I bite into these hot dogs?"

Answer: Before the days of companies using cellulose, collagen or synthetic materials, natural casings were used in hot dog production. We wanted to bring that back as a standard, and determined that a natural sheep casing was the absolute best fit for our product.


"Are there any nuts in your products?"

Answer: None of our products contain any nuts. Our facility infrequently produces a product that contains pistachios. 


"I have an allergy. Where can I find your ingredients?"

Answer: Ingredient lists can be found on every Hot Dog page on our website:
Classic Beef Dog | Beef & Pork Dog | Pepperoni Dog | Gyro Dog | Buffalo Chicken Dog  



"How long does it take for my order to ship?"

Answer: We like to ship out within 5 business days. Depending on our inventory, shipments usually go out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We typically don’t like shipping on Thursday and Friday to ensure the shipment doesn’t get caught in weekend transit, or spoil.

"Are the hot dogs fully cooked?"

Answer: Yes. Just heat and eat. 

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