The Brooklyn Hot Dog Co.

Justin Neiser and Tony Fragogiannis

Tony Fragogiannis was not satisfied with the hot dogs being sold in his local markets. To this Brooklyn native, hot dogs are a food to be savored, something the chemically-laden, over-processed packages found in supermarkets left to be desired. Hot dogs deserve to be loved.

So when he decided to go back to the drawing board and create his own, ‘Classic’ is the first thing he wrote. Tony called long-time friend and brand builder, Justin Neiser to get the ball rolling. They set out to reinvent a healthier version of the well-known street food by avoiding nitrates and fillers, and by using quality, antibiotic-free meats and natural casings. The result was a hot dog they could feel good about eating. Love attained, mission accomplished. 

Tony’s father, a Greek immigrant who established a Brooklyn restaurant business in the 1960s, instilled the importance of the old ways of doing things in his family. As a tribute to him, the place they will always call home, and BKHDCO headquarters, Tony and Justin felt ‘Brooklyn’ was the only worthy title for their hot dogs.

The company developed five varieties of hot dogs all designed to maintain the artisan quality of the dogs of yesteryear, but with a healthier and more flavorful twist.

The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company began selling hot dogs in the summer of 2012 and has continued to gain fans since. The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company hot dogs can be found in select markets across the nation.