The Brooklyn Hot Dog Co.

Beef & Pork Dog

Total Fat: 9g

Total Cal: 130

Total Carbs: 1g


Pork, beef, water, sea salt, mustard, paprika, citrus extract, yeast extract, celery powder, white pepper, coriander, cherry powder, garlic, in sheep casing.

That's all.


Brooklyn Hot Dog Beef and Pork Dogs
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Brooklyn Hot Dog Company Beef & Pork Dogs

The Difference

All Natural

No Nitrates Added *

Natural Casing

Gluten Free

Hormone & Antibiotic Free

No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives

Grass Fed Beef

Pasture Raised Pork

* Except as naturally occurring in celery powder & sea salt.

The Super Savory

This was our very first hot dog, introduced to the market in the summer of 2012. The launch of this product was not only important for the initial success of our business, but pivotal as its recipe would be the backbone for more flavors like the Pepperoni Dog, and Gyro Dog. With that being said, we certainly took our time developing it.

Our beef had to be grass-fed, our pork had to be pasture-raised, and both without any antibiotics, or hormones—and we couldn’t use any preservatives like nitrates. This recipe also had to be absolutely delicious, especially to compete against the bigger names in the business. For our flavor palette we turned to a simple blend of mustard, paprika, pepper, coriander, and garlic (the same blend we ended up using in the Classic Beef Dog). This resulted in the hot dog’s super savory taste.

Snap into it!

Nutritional Info: Serving Size 1 Hot Dog (57g) • Servings Per Container 6 • Calories 130 • Calories from Fat 80 • Total Fat 9g • Saturated Fat 3.5g • Trans Fat 0g • Cholesterol 35mg • Sodium 350mg • Total Carbohydrate 1g • Dietary Fiber 0g • Sugars 0g • Protein 9g


Beef & Pork Dogs use beef, pork and natural casings.