The shop will be back soon

First of all, we’d like to thank you for always thinking of us, or spreading the word when it came to hot dogs. It truly means the world. When we started this little company over 10 years ago, selling to gourmet markets, supermarkets, and restaurants—we couldn’t imagine how many people would be interested in buying from us online. And we’ve been thankful for the opportunity to deliver to your doorstep since. Without your demand, our online shop would have never been possible. 

When we started our online shop, we were shipping all orders from our small Brooklyn office. We took pride in packaging and added personal touches in every box. And while our online store was only a small part of our business, we loved it because we were able to connect directly with the people that supported us. Unfortunately, it turns out selling hot dogs on the internet is far more complex than it sounds. And it took the pandemic for us to find out.

When the pandemic hit, our online business grew. We were very thankful for that growth considering the downswing our food service sales began to take. But due to the sudden growth, we needed to find a better fulfillment solution. Our small office wasn’t cutting it. Our shipping rates weren’t cutting it. Our speed wasn’t cutting it. All business logic was pointing to partnering with a 3rd party shipping solution to step in and take it over. We understood that would mean losing some of the personalizations like custom pack-outs, handwritten thank you cards, and other fun surprises, but we hoped the added efficiency and lower shipping costs would make up for it.

After extensive research and effort we decided to transfer our online shipping solutions to a company we thought was a perfect fit. They were even regarded as ‘best in the business’. They shipped perishable goods for some of the biggest names in food. They seemingly had all the answers we needed. We were optimistic and confident in their ability to deliver. Literally. 

Boy, were we wrong. From sending the wrong items to customers, to shipments getting delayed without cause, to losing our inventory in their warehouses, and to even packing them in the wrong boxes with other companies’ inserts. It’s been an uphill battle ever since. While we tried to work through issues as best we could (even at our cost since these companies don’t really take financial responsibility for anything), any progress made was halted when they became acquired by an even larger leader in the space. This quickly changed our uphill battle to more of a quickly rolling down a hill scenario. To put it simply, they stopped caring all together, post-acquisition. 

So here we are. We have decided to part ways with the fulfillment company. And with that, we are going to take our online store offline for a little while so we can regroup and figure out the best way to provide our products to you. How long? Not sure. Hopefully not too long.

We really appreciate the support that we have gotten and the patience and understanding if your order was ever incorrect. We always try our best to do the right thing and take care of the people that take care of us. We’re going to use this time to make sure we’re able to stick to that promise.

Thanks again,
Tony and Justin

P.S. In the meantime, you can still find us in the local markets that you'd normally find us in.